Gas Train

The gas used for Dual Fueling is sourced from either piped gas or from local storage. It is injected into the combustion air stream via a Gas Train consisting of a gas filter, a gas pressure regulator and a solenoid valve. A throttle valve at the end controls the proportion of the gas injected. The gas train is designed to accept input gas at low pressure and deliver it to the engine at a slightly negative pressure.


Dual Fuel System delivers fuel gas to the combustion cylinders via the Gas Train into a special Air-Gas Mixer. The mixer is installed on the engine air inlet before the Turbo charger. Combustion is commenced by Diesel as the ignition source and followed by ignition of the Gas.


A state-of-the-art electronic controller continuously monitors critical engine parameters through the operation and transitions seamlessly from ‘Dual fuel’ to ‘diesel only’ mode if they cross the preset limits. It provides complete safety to the engine while operating in the Dual-fuel mode.

Dual fuel conversion allows the engine to operate on gas mixtures ranging from 50% to 70% + of total fuel consumed. Engines converted to Dual-fuel functionality exhibit diesel-like performance in critical areas such as efficiency, stability and load acceptance.